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Essay Topics: A List Of Fresh And Current Topics To Consider

The topic for your paper should receive a lot of attention despite being 12 or fewer words. While they sit at the cover page of your paper, college essay topics influence everything you do about the paper. The title determines the reference materials you use. It also determines the perspective you will adapt for the paper. The title arouses curiosity in readers and determines whether they will read through to the body or abandon the paper.

The choice of good essay topics is determined by several factors.


The title should be related to the topic you are studying and the discipline. Relevance also includes providing information that is needed in the discipline. For instance, do not study a disease or an element that has already been studied. A reader will only pick your paper if it evokes a feeling of relevance in him. This can be translated to mean that it adds value to the scholarly discipline.


Do not regurgitate essay writing topics for your readers. Every academician or teacher is looking for something new that is captivating to the brain. Repeating old topics does not arouse any interest or curiosity. Your work will not attract any attention. You will also get a very poor grade for repeating topics that have been studied in the past. Look for new topics from news items, suggestions by book authors or from areas that you are passionate about. Topic ideas also come from your course outline or an area that you did not tackle comprehensively during your previous grade.


Always choose the strongest topics to write about. Such topics can be identified by the issues they address and how they are addressed. A strong topic covers an area that a scholar would feel compelled to read about. It also should address issues of interest to the discipline because they have not been tackled sufficiently. A strong topic is also identified by availability of reference materials. These materials should be credible and sufficient to sustain your paper. A topic that will not capture the attention of readers in your industry is not worth writing on.


Essay titles must be interesting to read. Though the papers are written for serous academic work, the readers should be drawn to your work by the words use, angle taken on an issue and the fact that it promises something interesting to readers. An interesting title is not necessarily funny. It must maintain academic seriousness required.

Here is a list of titles to consider for essays on current topics.

  1. Is education the real determinant of success
  2. When will robots take over human work?
  3. Should companies be forced to take in interns to develop necessary market skills?
  4. The role of religion in influencing personal motivation
  5. Drones and security breaches
  6. Is it possible to reverse the right in sea levels?
  7. Discrepancies in quality of products sent by developed countries into developing economies
  8. The role of international finance corporations in sinking countries into debts
  9. The possibility of having blood oil just like blood diamond to stop civil wars
  10. Safety of digital transactions in the era of growing cyber crimes
  11. Growing humanitarian crisis in countries fighting for democracy
  12. The role of sports in fostering international humanitarian actions

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