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A List Of Captivating Topics For Your Essay On Christmas

Christmas is fun until you are asked to write an essay on how I spent my holiday. It is obvious that you will talk about parties, gifts and family. Unfortunately, everyone will be talking about that too. You must find something unique to make your paper outstanding. What can you do to spice a paper on an obvious topic?

Choosing a Captivating Topic

Readers and examiners make a decision about a paper immediately they encounter the title. They begin to rate your paper as excellent, good, fair or poor even before reading. Their motivation to read will depend on how they perceive the paper from the title. Choose a title that is interesting and will bring a new perspective apart from what people have come to expect for 2000 years now. Here are 10 sentences about Christmas that will help you craft the most captivating paper.

  1. The surprise under the Christmas tree
  2. A Christmas without baby
  3. When I sang Gloria with the angels
  4. Christ born at a refugee camp
  5. Why Christmas was postponed
  6. When Christmas came earlier than expected
  7. A visit to the birthplace of Jesus
  8. The wise men of today
  9. I saw the star in the sky
  10. The movie version of Christmas

The topic chosen should evoke a sense of curiosity. It should compel the reader to peruse further into your paper. It should also be interesting to read your Christmas day essay and not be bored by obvious occurrence. Even when you have to narrate about these obvious occurrences, they should be told in an enticing and interesting way that someone views Christmas in a different light.

Meticulous Outline

Planning is part of good academic writing. One of the most effective tools you will ever use in planning is the outline. An outline helps you to organize your Christmas essay in English to ensure that the ideas flow logically without repetition or skipping some of them. The outline also gives you an idea of all the points you will be addressing in your paper. You can judge whether they are enough or require addition. It also indicates whether you need to reduce some of these points. Get samples of a professional outline from writing services online or from your tutor. This will enable you to produce the most captivating paper.

Strict Formatting

A well formatted my holiday essay is interesting and captivating to read. Formatting allows a reader to focus on the ideas being discussed instead of getting lost in the paragraphs trying to figure out the layout. The cover page should be presented in the standard version depending on the formatting style. Citations must be accurate and consistent to avoid misleading the reader. Do not mix two formatting styles in one paper. This will lead to confusion and will be penalized. There are formatting apps that you can use to ease you work.

Hook Your Reader

Capture the attention of your reader from the beginning. The first paragraph on Christmas festival should be mind-blowing. Do not use obvious phrases and words. Rather, use a story, a quote, controversial statement or even statistics to capture the attention of readers.

Edit your paper before submission. This helps to polish it and eliminate any errors that may mislead readers or cause confusion. Just a few lines on Christmas that are not grammatically correct will affect your performance. You may use a professional editor for the task.