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The Basics Of An Essay Format Outline For The Best Paper

Most students complain that writing is not easy, but this is because they haven’t understood the essay format basics. Whether you are tasked to write a descriptive, argumentative, definition essay, expository essay, persuasive essay, critical essay, narrative, cause and effect or any other type of essay, you need to understand the outline to follow. Many students have all the ideas required for writing assignments but get it wrong when it comes to following the required essay format outline.

In this article, you will find tips for formatting your paper to earn the highest grade. Read on.

Prepare and Plan for the Essay

Whatever the type of essay you have to write, it is good to start with a concrete plan. Create a schedule for the paper to ensure you complete it within the given time. Make sure you understand the requirements and identify all resources required for the project. Before you start reading essay format examples, seek clarifications from your professor if you need any.

Once you understand the guidelines, go ahead and narrow down on the topic. Pick an interesting topic for your essay as it is easier to find supporting materials for your argument. You should also identify the flow of your essay by crafting a thesis which will guide your paper.

  1. The Introduction
  2. It is the most crucial part of an essay format template for any writing. The section offers a context or a foundation to your readers and prepares them for the paper's argument or purpose. You have to discuss the specific topic you will be focusing on in the rest of the paper. At this point, you should define key terms to make the material familiar.

    Another component required in your introduction is a thesis. Your thesis statement comes towards the end of your introduction and identifies the purpose of the paper. Why are you going to the trouble of writing the essay? A good thesis lays the roadmap the rest of the paper will follow.

  3. Body Paragraphs/ Development
  4. The essay format college requires several paragraphs to build your argument. Once you have introduced the paper and indicated the thesis, you should immediately give a background of the topic chosen. In the background which is the first paragraph, you seek to justify the essay by pointing out the need for the same.

    Your main agenda is to indicate a gap in the existing body of research as regards the topic chosen. For instance, when writing on immigration, you can highlight the fact that most of the research available focuses on the negatives and your paper seeks to highlight the contributions of illegal immigrants. Adding this section in your essay format for high school adds to its strength and shows clarity of thought and insight.

    The rest of the paragraphs should include a topic sentence introducing a new idea. The rest of the sentences should build on the sentence by providing evidence for your thesis.

  5. Conclusion
  6. In an essay format for scholarship, make sure you have a conclusion to tie up all the loose ends in your paper. You should restate your paper's major claim and tie up the arguments in the body paragraphs to the thesis. You can also indicate future implications of your research and give way forward.

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